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Although reported as married, 9 of           separated

their husbands and set up their own households \*uh or

children. Several women reported as married did not go

marriage ritual, but live as spouse without being married.

Young men who wish to marry young girls are deterred

by the fact that unmarried women are expensive :         bride price

is demanded by their parents.   So                   try to                an

already married woman,        live with her by

tappu which is about Rs* 25 for the                            Rs. 25 to te

paid by the                They         not go             the

which again is very expensive.

Unmarried young women are generally on the lookout

for eligible young men. When a boy          in love, he persuades

the girl to elope with  him rattier                    the huge

expenses. Once their elopement becomes common knowledge, the

boy's parents would be forced to loosen purss strings and pay

bride price while the girl's parents lower to the minimum possible

level, now that their pride his been compromised, by their

daughter's recklessness.

One noteworthy feature is the popularity of family plann-

ing. 22 cases of surgery were effected for family planning. 19

males and 3 females underwent the operation out of 105 married

persons. Family planning by the surgical method, thus, is preva-

lent among 21 per cent of the married population.

5)   Education :


At the entrance to the village there is an impressive

school-building. It has two teachers oa its pay-roll* Rat